Mick Mulvany: «Every time in the world something bad is happening, you start to accuse trump»

The acting head of the White house Mick Mulvany said that President Donald trump didn’t say anything about the supremacy of the white race after the shootings in mosques in New Zealand.

This Malvani said on Sunday, March 17, in the program «Face the Nation».

«I get a lot of messages from people who call me: you have to tell the President what he needs to do in such a case, how he should respond. But the President has done everything required of him. He immediately expressed his absolute rejection of what happened. Trump does what he has to do the President. The fact that someone doesn’t like something – of course to needsomething system.»

Critics of trump’s claim that he issued a clear condemnation of the actions of terrorists in New Zealand. Recall, there as a result of the shootings at two mosques last Friday killed nearly 50 people.

Trump in the same Friday, said that he sees the growth of white nationalism in the world, adding that the attack was committed by «a small group of people.»

«Every time in the world something terrible happens, there are people who strive to blame it on Donald trump. To associate the President with the tragedy in Christchurch is absurd and not conducive to the dialogue needed to solve problems. Donald trump is no more to blame for what happened in New Zealand than mark Zuckerberg, who invented Facebook,» said Malwani.

According to Malvani, it is better to spend the time to try to understand how in the future to stop the «crazy people».

One of the suspects in the shootings in New Zealand shortly before the mass killings published a 74-page Manifesto, which mentioned trump.

The shooter wrote that he supports trump as «a symbol of the new white identity», but as a politician and leader, «definitely not.»