Facebook is justified for a video stream of the new Zealand shooting

Facebook that day was forced to justify to the users and the victims of the terrorist massacre in New Zealand. Video of the shooting remained available 29 minutes, it looked in the original 200 people, all reposts — 4 thousand views.

#Circassian family killed in New Zealand shooting after escaping Syrian war: https://t.co/4xOMtZ6PSP #christchurch #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #newzealand pic.twitter.com/bUqXw8DAqb

— Circassian World (@CircassianWorld) March 19, 2019

The social network claims that the first complaint on a post of the terrorist was obtained only after 12 minutes after the broadcast, then the video was immediately removed by admin. As stated in the official statement of Facebook, in total for these days removed 1.5 million copies of the video posted by various users:

  • We have removed personal account named as the suspect from Facebook and Instagram, and actively identify and remove any emerging accounts-fraudsters.
  • We removed the original video from Facebook Live and hachirobei it to other resources that are visually similar to the video, then it was found and automatically deleted from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Some options, such as screen recordings, it was difficult to detect, so we have expanded to additional detection systems, including the use of audio technology.
  • For the first 24 hours we made about 1.5 million video attacks around the world. When the download has blocked more than 1.2 million such videos, and therefore not visible in our services.

The terrorists were well prepared to disseminate information on their shares. Footage from the 17-minute live broadcast has spread rapidly in social networks . Google, Facebook and Twitter could not quickly stop the spread of videos and images of the massacre. The attack was adapted for a modern audience — with a note on the Bulletin Board called 8chan containing references to popular memes and underground Internet culture.

As Chris said, Sonderby, Deputy General counsel Facebook, now the internal information associated with the original stream in Facebook Live, have been identified so that any future download content will be detected and automatically removed. To delete a screen recording, Facebook also used the «additional system detection, including the use of audio technology.» Facebook shared with other platforms more visually distinct than 800 videos related to the attack through collective database, and URLS. This incident highlights the importance of industrial cooperation in the range of terrorists and violent extremists operating in the Internet, the statement reads.

«We appeal condolences to the victims of the attacks, their families and the community affected by the horrific terrorist acts in Christchurch. We remain shocked and saddened by this tragedy and seek to work with management in New Zealand, other governments and industry technologies to help counter hateful statements and the threat of terrorism. We continue to work around the clock to this content appearing on our website with the use of technology and people», said Facebook in his vacation request.