The Senate blocked the green New deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. No one supported her resolution

Yesterday, March 26, the Senate blocked the «green New deal» — progressive resolution on climate change, presented the youngest Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her colleague, Senator ed Brand.

The Democrats called the expansion of voting the Republican party «a sham». They accused the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell that he organized a vote without a hearing under the accelerated procedure. In this regard, none of the 57 senators did not support the resolution of a New course: the 43 Democrats present at the vote, revealing not supported this document, like all Republicans.

McConnell, in turn, directly before the vote, criticized the proposal of the resolution, calling it a paragraph in the «list of far-left wishes that many of our fellow Democrats were quick to accept.»

«The American people will see, they will see which senators can use common sense and abandon this destructive socialist dream. And they will see what the senators are so committed to the radical ideology of the left wing that can’t even vote against them caused economic devastation,» said McConnell.

The resolution «green New deal», presented last month Ocasio-Cortez, and Mark, encouraged to strive for net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, creating millions of «good paying jobs». Every democratic Senator running for President in 2020, co-sponsored the resolution.

Speaking at the rally on Tuesday morning, Senator ed Markey accused Republicans that they conducted a «sham vote».

«They carried out the vote without hearings, without testimony of experts, without any real discussion about the costs of inaction in relation to climate and the enormous potential to create jobs in clean energy in our country. And that’s because Senator McConnell wants to sabotage the call for climate action,» said Brand.

The minority leader in the Senate Charles Schumer said that Republicans «mock legislative process,» making the resolution «Green course» to vote in order for the Senate failed.

«Republicans want to force this political trick to divert attention from the fact that they have no plan, no feeling the urgent need to combat the threat of climate change… Is a political act. This is a political ploy,» said Schumer.

Ocasio-Cortez is also supported by fellow Democrats, calling the actions of the Republicans to shame.

«Stop wasting time the American people learn to manage,» said a member of the house of representatives.