Elizabeth Warren once again put forward a draft law on conflict of interests

Presidential candidate, democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts re-introduced a bill requiring the President, Vice-President and members of their families to give up any financial assets which may create a conflict of interest.

Elizabeth Warren once again put forward a draft law on conflict of interestsElizabeth Warren once again put forward a draft law on conflict of interestsshutterstock

The law on conflict of interests also prohibits appointed by the President persons to deal with issues affecting the financial interests of the President, and required all presidential candidates from the major parties to submit a tax return for three years.

«Corruption has always been the main black spot of this presidency,» — said in a statement, Warren. The bill also has points indicating that breaches of the ethics or conflict of interest constitute a serious crime or misdemeanor in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution on impeachment.

This bill is another attempt, after taken in January 2017, and follows numerous concerns from critics of the President regarding potential conflicts of interest involving trump, members of his family and members of his administration.

Warren notes the recent cases, such as the increase in costs T-Mobile hotels trump, while T-Mobile sought approval to merge with Sprint.

In August last year, Warren has also put forward a Law on the fight against corruption, the document would have imposed a lifetime ban on lobbying for presidents, Vice-presidents, members of Congress, Federal judges and Cabinet secretaries, demanded that the presidents and Vice-presidents have published all of the assets, which may create a conflict of interest and ordered the IRS to disclose tax return for the last eight years for all candidates in presidents and Vice-presidents.

Warren was also one of 11 democratic senators, signed in October last year a letter calling for Trump to disclose any financial ties with Saudi Arabia.