Trump met with his wife, Guido and said that Russia should withdraw from Venezuela

The President of the United States, Donald trump told reporters today that Russia must withdraw from Venezuela. On the subsequent question of reporters what to do if Russia will not leave Venezuela, trump replied, «Look. View. All options are open … all options are open».

Trump met with his wife, Guido and said that Russia should withdraw from VenezuelaTrump met with his wife, Guido and said that Russia should withdraw from Venezuela

President Trump, aka Putin’s puppet, on Venezuela: «Russia has to get out.» |

— Mike (@Doranimated) March 27, 2019

A press point held after the meeting with trump to Fabiana Rosales (wife recognized the United States as interim President of Venezuela Juan, Guido), held in the oval office of the White house. Earlier differences between the US and Russia on the issue of Venezuela has seriously deteriorated after arrival in the Republic on Saturday, two military planes from Russia with the people and cargo onboard. «The United States sees the arrival of Russian military aircraft this weekend as an unwanted provocation and call on Russia to stop all support of the Maduro regime,» said Vice-President Mike Pence.

Russian officials during the entire time of the crisis, insist on their support for the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro and warned against attempts to overthrow him. Moscow has extensive interests in the oil sector of Venezuela, which is also under the rule of the socialists became the largest buyer of Russian weapons

Fabiana Rosales later scheduled to speak before the U.S. Congress. With her to Washington arrived the wife and sister of Roberto Marrero, chief assistant, Guide, which last week grabbed and taken out of the house, the security forces loyal to Maduro. Supporters, Maduro accused Roberto Marrero in the preparation of the murders.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Guido Juan, who is now in Venezuela, called on his supporters to take to the streets this Saturday to protest against another large-scale blackout in the country. This is a continuation of blackout, which has been ongoing for more than two weeks across the country, when millions of people remain without electricity. Power failures lead to the collapse of the system of government and law and order, riots, looting and unrest. In a critical situation are medical institutions.

In the United States have to figure out how much will cost recovery of Venezuela’s economy after almost twenty years of the reign of the socialists. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo told lawmakers that the country’s recovery after the departure of Maduro will be expensive: «I have seen estimates from 6 to 12 billion dollars for the reconstruction of the economy.»