What do the results of the investigation Muller?

As previously reported, USA.One, the Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution which called for the publication of the report of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller o Russian interference in presidential election 2016 – for the second time this week. At the moment the contents of the report are known only from a review of the attorney General William Barr, who said that spectracolor has not established conspiracy Donald trump and his team with the Kremlin or the fact obstruction of justice.

What do the results of the investigation Muller?What do the results of the investigation Muller?

The news caused excitement and hopes for a «reset» of relations with the United States, expressed in particular at the level of formal review. Russian teleekspert went further and live discussed what concessions trump will Putin do now without fear of being accused of working for the Kremlin. So, one of the co-host of the program «Big game» on the First channel, the Chairman of the Board of Fund «Russian world» Vyacheslav Nikonov reacted to the news from the US with cautious optimism, saying that «trump has won a battle, but he never won the war«.

«He’s not drained, «the Washington swamp», it is still there and may drag trump, although the chances of this marsh is much smaller, «warned Nikonov.

More candid on their expectations for the trump shared by another participant in the transmission, the Professor Andranik Migranyan. According to him, expect a «constructive dialogue» between Washington and Moscow in the foreseeable future will not have as a treacherous U.S. lawmakers are doing everything possible to prevent Trump to fulfill the wishes of the Russian leader.

«At least trump promised to recognize the Russian Crimea, he can not do this because Congress passed a special law for this reason. Though he was opposed to sanctions and could abolish them, Congress passed a special law, «says Migranyan.

However, he called the results of the investigation «event, which cannot be underestimated,» expressing hope that trump will be able to take advantage of the situation and spend the next Congressional elections are loyal to your legislators, meet Moscow’s expectations.

«The new presidential elections and Congressional elections trump will be able to use the new situation in order to hold him personally loyal and dedicated legislators, and it is possible that the following members of Congress, especially the House of representatives, he will have enough support so that he could through Congress to expand Executive powers, as now he was bound hand and foot. This possibility remains, and now he may not be afraid to act, because Mueller acquitted him, «said Migranyan.

What do the results of the investigation Muller?What do the results of the investigation Muller?

Meanwhile, American security experts are not inclined to consider the available information as «justification» of the American President.

«The American system of justice sets the bar high for the prosecution to prove guilt. We must respect the fact that investigators were unable to establish the guilt, and therefore to treat previously accused as innocent. However, political expectations from the US President should be higher than just not being convicted of treason. We have still a number of disturbing actions on the part of the President and his entourage who are in need of explanation. Why are so many people around the President communicate with the Russians? Why they never tried to explain their motives? Why do they constantly lie about their activities? Why do they constantly attack those who are investigating?«, – asks questions of a former senior CIA officer with nearly 30 years of experience in intelligence John Cypherin an interview to our website.

There is a clear possibility, intention, and indicators of criminal activity but there is no evidence that could be used in court

«So I have still a lot of questions regarding the actions of the President and those who surround him, many of which at the moment are already convicted criminals. When you honor intelligence officers of a hostile state seeking to bribe you for espionage purposes, it is not a crime, but nonetheless, dangerous and unwise, moreover, suggests intentions.

As for Russia, we know what they were looking for sources here and interfere in our internal processes. From the tramp we saw a blatant willingness to collude. We have also seen behavior by assuming that the collusion was possible. Still clear signs of the problem area, alarming schemes and questionable activities. There is a clear possibility, intention, and indicators of criminal activity but there is no evidence that could be used in court. Without explicit evidence, it is impossible to prove a conspiracy or a crime. From a legal point of view, as it should be. However, as we know, the inability to install anything not mean it never happened. Instead of attacking those who were concerned about its activities, the administration of the tramp should now try to answer basic questions, «continues Cypher.

The American expert acknowledged that Donald trump will actually be able to use the results of the investigation in future elections.

«He will definitely benefit from this decision. Trump will use this fact to attack his enemies, and his followers will continue to support and defend it. However, in some respects, this may all help the Democrats. They can no longer sit idly by and expect for a miraculous rescue. Instead, they need to find a candidate and policies that can win over trump, «concluded a former scout.

What do the results of the investigation Muller?What do the results of the investigation Muller?

However, not all us experts are ready to trust the opinion of the attorney General, seeing the full text of the Mueller report. So, according to FBI veteran with 31 years of experience, a specialist in combating organized crime Myron fuller, surrounded by trump continues to cover his many crimes and mistakes.

«Neither the attorney General never acted as judge and jury to make a determination in a criminal case. This is an example of corruption at the highest levels of our democracy. I have no doubt that the published report of müller Barr will be edited to conceal possible evidence of crime trump and not to cause political difficulty. Of course, the Democrats will seek full disclosure, and the matter may be referred to the Supreme court. Meanwhile, we hope the public testimony of Mueller, «–says the veteran.