The Governor of Puerto Rico administration of trump: «If the bully is near, then the bully will get the teeth»

The Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello continued his attacks on President trump, warning that «if the bully is near, then the bully will get tough».

The statement of Rossello sounded yesterday, March 28, after reports of an altercation between his top aides and White house officials.

«It would be a mistake to confuse courtesy with courage,» said Rossello CNN.

The relations of the two leaders became more strained this week because of efforts on liquidation of consequences of hurricane «Maria» after trump told the senators at a private meeting that, in his opinion, Puerto Rico receives too much help. When the official representatives of the island arrived in Washington to meet the President, they refused several times.

«Your Governor screwed up,» — said the Director of the National trade Council Peter Navarro.

But White house officials deny this and say they tried to contact Rossello and his assistants.

«The white house recently helped to organize an important meeting between the Governor, Rossello and guidance of HUD and FEMA, said White house spokesman Judd Deere CNN. — We understand that the Governor will not come until the end of April, and we look forward to the opportunity to once again help to establish a productive conversation with the heads of administration to discuss the restoration of the island».

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Rossello said that will not sit idly by and allow her to mock the officials. In his opinion, trump’s proposal to cut aid was «beneath the dignity of the incumbent President».

«We need to keep our moral compass. We don’t use the language of Donald Trump and the language he uses at his rallies where he says ‘punch somebody.’ … You punch at the ballot box,» fmr. Rep. Gutierrez says of remarks by Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello

— CNN (@CNN) March 29, 2019

«Unfortunately, we have to hear it,’ said Rosselli. — I think we should end this battle of words and just admit that we are not his political opponents, we the people.»

The Governor refuted made by trump about the fact that electricity and all the infrastructure in Puerto Rico was already on the brink of disaster before the storm, saying to CNN that the President «treats us like second-class citizens».

«I just want to be able to explain why data and information it receives, wrong, said, Rossello. — I don’t think anyone can beat the President in a glaring match. I strive to make sure that dominates the mind, dominates the empathy, equality prevails and that we can have a discussion».