Participation Ocasio-Cortez in the election of 2020

Good or bad, but a member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, widely known for his leftist views, is an important race for the White house in 2020, despite the fact that only after 5 years she will be old enough to run for the highest office in the country. The candidates-Democrats seeking her approval. Voters at every meeting asking about their relationship to her Green New deal. And supporters of President Donald trump ready for it.

Participation Ocasio-Cortez in the election of 2020Participation Ocasio-Cortez in the election of

«AOC sucks!» — shouted the Republicans at a rally in Michigan, when the President’s son, Donald trump Jr., leads the crowd this Thursday. It wasn’t the most creative, antibinding era of trump – at least in comparison with the «Curve Hillary» Clinton brand, which caused problems of credibility during the campaign of 2016. But the episode in Michigan, left no doubt that this former bartender from the Bronx, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, is the new symbol of evil for the base of supporters trump.

Just three months after beginning his new life in Congress 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez is already an influential person in democratic national politics. The Chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic party, Tom Perez called it «the future of our party». All six senators-Democrats seeking to replace trump and declared their participation in elections, jointly supported the «Green New deal» that she championed to curb climate change. Although Ocasio-Cortez is a protege of one of these hopeful candidates like the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, she meets with others. This week she had lunch with a democratic Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren.

«We had labneh», a creamy cheese made from yogurt, reiterated Ocasio-Cortez via Twitter. «BREAKING: we also had iced tea!» Wrote Warren.


The leader of reposts and views

Ocasio-Cortez is known to most Americans, despite the fact that she is in Congress only a few months. According to the Gallup survey, interest in it is higher than for candidates Kirsten Gillibrand of new York and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota — nearly 7 out of 10 respondents know about Alexandria and have an opinion on it.

The analysis carried out in February, also showed that the attitude Ocasio-Cortez polarized. Among Republicans 73% Express an unfavorable view and 56% of Democrats are favorable.

It will be important for presidential candidates eager to attract democratic voters and to enlist the support of dereshiwsky.

In the second half of February, the Congresswoman was mentioned on Twitter 3,64 million times more than the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi (1.22 million) and the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell (696 000) combined. Since its inauguration, according to Analytics company NewsWhip, on average, there were about 2200 likes, shares or comments in Facebook. This is more than twice as often as typical interactions in the articles Pelosi. No other Democrat came close.


Leader emotional involvement

Ocasio-Cortez angered supporters trump long before they began chanting her initials. Some Republicans from the chamber were judging her, when she took the oath. Some have suggested that the video of the young Congresswoman who is dancing on the roof with a student was inappropriate. Other «hit» on her level of knowledge about public policy.

«Green New deal» offers a powerful, but risky opportunity for the Democrats, seeking to prove its bona fides in the climate change. All six senators Warren, Klobuchar, Sanders, Gillibrand, Harris, and Booker supports a plan to shift the US from fossil fuels to renewable sources such as wind and sun.

But Republicans have sought to exploit the risks and potential democratic differences on this issue, seeing it as a step toward socialism and the worst of all possible costs of government policy. None of the presidential candidates from the Democratic party who serve in the Senate, did not join Ocasio-Cortez to disclose GND. The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi called it a «green dream,» a phrase which Ocasio-Cortez had to answer, saying that she will not allow this issue to divide Democrats.

Within 48 hours after the announcement of the presidential campaign Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, which sought a more moderate image, was forced to talk about his support for the ideas Ocasio-Cortez.

«I see this as a basis to begin the discussion,» says Klobuchar in an interview with CNN, saying that the GND is a certain «aspirations,» not a mandate for industries.


And all candidates will have to discuss the Green New Course

This week Senate Republicans held a vote on non-binding resolution on the «Green New deal», trying to show the Democrats their attitude to what majority leader Mitch McConnell called something from «extremely left science-fiction novel». He said this may sound appealing in San Francisco (Pelosi district) or new York (home state Ocasio-Cortez), «places where the Democratic party seems to be completely focused these days, but communities everywhere would be absolutely crushed by it.»

Thursday night in Grand rapids, Michigan, trump smiled and said, «I like to speak out against the «Green New deal»… I want to make it an important part of its platform».