«We have never seen anything like it»: after the words trump the closure of the border migrants flock to cities in Texas

The last days of Catholic Charities, a national, nonprofit organization that assists migrants, makes what was done about five years: asks for help in providing housing. And the thing is that along the border of Texas with Mexico from El Paso to Eagle Pass in the valley of the Rio Grande — the crowd of migrants crossing the border.

Wednesday, March 27, during a visit to El Paso Commissioner of customs and border protection (CBP) Kevin Macalino said that on Monday, March 25, the Agency received more than 4,000 workers — the highest figure in recent years. According to him, the border has reached its «critical level», and called on Congress to develop legislative solutions to this problem.

According to the Department of homeland security, the office may hold and process about 9 thousand people, but as of Tuesday, March 26, in the border patrol were more than 12 thousand migrants.

This is what the Paso Del Norte Border Patrol station in El Paso looks like today. The queue of migrants who turned themselves in is stretched to the parking lot. pic.twitter.com/PTSblYP74R

— Valerie Gonzalez (@ValOnTheBorder) March 27, 2019

On Tuesday, senior border patrol Rodolfo of Karis stated that CBP will begin to release some of the family from custody in Brownsville (TX).

«We are in a situation of oversupply, we cannot continue to hold these people,» said Karis.

Earlier, the President, Donald trump declared a state of emergency to Finance the construction of the wall on the border, despite the opposition of Congress. And yesterday, March 29, the White house threatened to close the U.S. border and Mexico, if Mexico will not stop the illegals arriving.

But even trump, the wall can not stop the wave of migrants, according to the mayor of the Texas city of McAllen, Jim darling. The politician argues that immigrants will just have to cross the river to reach the territory of the United States, and to seek asylum.

«This is not a solution for asylum seekers,» said darling.

And the city of McAllen Roy Rodriguez stressed that they had «never seen anything like it».