Lucy Flores on sexism Joe Biden and the position of the Democrats in matters of women’s rights

Democrat Lucy Flores was part of one of his recent speeches in the race for Governor in Nevada, when she felt two hands on his shoulders. She froze. «Why the Vice-President of the United States touches me?» thought Flores.

Lucy Flores on sexism Joe Biden and the position of the Democrats in matters of women’s rightsLucy Flores on sexism Joe Biden and the position of the Democrats in matters of women’s Simmons/CC

Flores talks about his experience with Joe Biden in an essay first person New York Magazine, describing the incident in 2014, when Biden approached her from behind, leaned down, breathed in the smell of her hair and kissed the back of her head.

«Biden was the second most powerful man in the country and perhaps one of the most influential people in the world. He was there to promote me as the right person for Governor. Instead, it made me feel awkward, rude and confused».

New York magazine asked the representative of Biden, who declined to comment. After the press Secretary of the Biden bill Russo said that the Vice President and his staff don’t remember Flores described the incident.

Experience Flores is not unique

It is no secret that in Washington, Biden publicly addressed many women. Just press never took it as serious problem.

Biden was caught on camera hugging reporterto from behind and grabbed her by the waist just below the bust. At the ceremony of swearing in of defense Secretary ash Carter, Biden put his hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, wife of Carter, and then leaned over and whispered something in her ear. (He whispered in the ears of many women). He also touched a woman’s face and neck during other activities. Once at the ceremony of swearing in of a U.S. Senator, he was holding the shoulder of the minor daughter of Senator leaned over and whispered in her ear, when she was clearly not alone. Then he kissed her on the forehead, and the gesture made her wince.

It was all open. These incidents wrote a news Agency. But the history was published under the frivolous headlines, such as «Picture friendly famous Joe Biden goes viral» or «Here’s Joe Biden — Joe Biden with the wife of ash Carter» or «Joe Biden: sex symbol? The part that I edited now, sorry.»

Ideological media really has written several critical articles in the age of Obama. In «the Federalist» Mollie Hemingway asked whether the liberals to tolerate the same behavior from conservative. In Talking Points Memo Alana Levinson has criticized the liberals for what they have given him a pass.

But overall Biden received leniency from the media. However, times have changed. Journalists twice now looking at the new policy, which cleverly works on camera. They asked questions about it and probably studied his personal behavior. And women like Flores, the risk and speak out. Biden avoided checking in the past, but if he wants to become the next President, he will face pressure to explain their actions.

According to Flores, this behavior has value. «I’m not saying that Biden had violated any laws, but the violations which the company considers minor (or even not consider as infringement), often felt significant for the person to whom they are directed. This imbalance of power and attention and the whole point is the whole problem».

Election 2020

This is especially true in a context where Biden will fight the elections with several women, and to protect the long-term history of policy development, which affected previous positions contrary to the present line of the Democratic party.

76-year-old Biden came to Washington at the age of 30 years. His significant public service record includes a mixed history of women’s issues, heritage, which makes his personal conduct is even more worthy of discussion.

Lisa Lehrer, who told his story about abortion for the New York Times reported that Biden, who is now in favour of abortion, was a solid liberal on this issue in the past.

In the era of Reagan, Biden voted for the bill in Committee, which the national League of action for abortion rights called «the most destructive attack on the right of abortion.» Biden, a Catholic, said at the time: «I’m probably a victim, or a product, how would you want to call him, my origin.» He called the decision «the most difficult part, for which voted as a US Senator».

Biden also held the opinion that the Supreme court went too far in addressing the issue «ROE V. Wade». In an interview of 1974, he said he did not believe that women should have «the sole right to say what should happen with her body.»

Biden refused to talk to Lehrer about her article, so we don’t know exactly how and why it evolved. The representative Biden has not responded to an email asking for comment.

In his years in Washington, Biden voted for the project in favor of abortion rights. He defended the Law on violence against women. And he strongly spoke about the problem of sexual violence.

If Biden runs, he will take the band on the primaries in the Democratic party as a «normal» candidate — a cute white guy that doesn’t get lost in the Twitter, does not condone Russia and not dumped into the cells at the border.


What do you think the Democrats about what they think the voters?

While Democrats are encouraged by a strong desire to win trump in 2020, many are concerned that the woman will be hard to defeat him because of the sexist attitudes that still persist certain voters. Might reflect the part of the Americans that it is better to go with the leader he used to. Biden, who for eight years was in the position under Obama, could meet this need.

But Biden will still have to present a clear contrast to Trump. Biden haven’t been accused of sexual assault (at the time, as trump has a dozen charges), and the Internet has no record of Biden jokes about sex, there’s «only» record that Biden is behaving improperly. The behavior of one person is much worse, but that doesn’t justify another.

Democrats don’t know until the end what to do with this category of behavior. It’s not the same, than blame on other people movement #MeToo, but it’s also not what the liberals want to support. The resignation of Senator al Franken still controversial for this reason. Some Democrats believe that the party puts himself at a disadvantage against Republicans who allow the President much more than any accusation faced by Franken.

Flores makes us ponder on what is really similar these seemingly small incidents. «The Vice-President of the United States of America just touched me in an intimate way, intended for close friends, family or romantic partners — and I felt powerless to do anything to do with it».