Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave permission for the deportation of migrant children trying to cross the border, in the country of origin

On Friday, March 26, speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats of the house of representatives rejects the request of the Department of homeland security (DHS) to pass a bill allowing the Department to send all the children without parents trying to cross the border into their country.

DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielsen sent a letter to Congress asking to pass a law giving the Department additional financial resources and legal authority to manage the crisis of migrants at the border. The representative of the Department asked to cancel the ban on the deportation of migrant children from non-contiguous with the United States of Central America. Now, this rule exists only for children from Mexico who crossed the border without parents.

However, in a statement, Pelosi said that the house would not approve such a request.

«Democrats rejected any attempt to allow the administration to deport young children, and we reject all anti-immigrant and anti-family attacks by this President,» — said the speaker.

Additional funding or powers that Congress will provide DHS will depend on the ability of the administration to implement immigration policy in a humane way, said Pelosi.

«We cannot support the implementation of the policies we know will be detrimental to traumatized children, divided families, disgrace our values and absolutely will not do anything to resolve the situation on the border,» said Pelosi.

The Chairman of the house Committee on homeland security Bennie Thompson said that the letter Nielsen «continues to confuse and to mislead about the situation on the border».

«I will support [the grant] resources to ensure humane treatment of those who are on our borders, but I will oppose any attempts to change the policy to allow the Secretary Nielsen to deport children and families without offering them through the proper procedure, said the Congressman from Mississippi. Democrats will not allow the President to Trump or his administration to continue to promote their anti-immigrant, xenophobic program».

We will remind, last week the migrants had begun to cross the southern border after trump about its closure.