New York will join the nationwide protest to «Publish the report of Muller»

For a national protest «Publish the report of Muller!», organized March For Truth, procedentia and new York. The rally will be held tonight in times square, it will involve activists from MoveOn and Rise and Resist.

The protesters will gather at 17:30 near the statue of George M. Kohan on 46th Str. (between 7th Ave. and Broadway). After the rally will be a March toward the Park to Madison square.

«Activists in new York will join a nationwide protest calling on attorney General Barr and elected officials to take decisive steps for the publication of the results of the investigation into Muller’s,» — said in a press release, Rise and Resist.

Democrats and many critics of the administration to trump doubt about the objectivity of a 4-page report, attorney General William Barr, is based on the results of a large-scale report (380 + pages), the special Prosecutor of Russian interference in the elections of 2016.

NY Times, Washington Post and NBC News quotes members of the team, Muller says that «President trump was concerned about the results of the investigation to a greater extent than indicated Mr. Barr». Also referring to team members, news media write that in the report, Mueller described the picture «campaign, participants manipulated an elaborate Russian intelligence operation».

At the end of last week, William Barr announced that it plans to submit a report to Congress «in mid-April, if not sooner». He stressed that the report will make a difference. But yesterday, the Judicial Committee of the house of representatives voted in favor of declaring the full, unedited report on the results of the investigation. Judging by the reaction of Barra, or rather its absence, lawmakers do not have strong pressure.