$10 million will be spent in new York next year in free legal services for immigrants

Governor Andrew Cuomo, majority leader in the Senate, Andrea Stewart-cousins and Assembly speaker Carl Chisti announced Friday that the adopted this week by the budget of the state of new York pledged $10 million to support the project in providing legal services to immigrants.

The new York-based project in 2017, provides free consultations to immigrants and helps them with the passage of the checks, representing their interests, for example, in the preparation of documents for work and residence. Under the new budget the project will have the opportunity to organize programs to provide services to children and families-immigrants and to ensure a rapid response after targeted raids and arbitrary arrests by ICE. Governor Andrew Cuomo gave this review:

«New York has long been a beacon of hope for immigrants from all over the world, as Washington continues to threaten the rights of new Americans, we will work as never before to protect them. Expanding programs offered under the project of protection of freedom, we can ensure that immigrants in new York, they need social services, health and emergency services as they strive for a better life for themselves and their families.»

$10 million will be spent in new York next year in free legal services for immigrants$10 million will be spent in new York next year in free legal services for immigrantsflickr.com/New York National Guard/CC

As stated in the official message on the website of state administration, it is about the promotion of three new initiatives: the Project «Golden Door,» provides support services for immigrant families, including access to social service providers, doctors, and lawyers and experts on immigration on a voluntary basis in 12 locations in new York. Regional program quick response grants special attorneys in case of unforeseen action by law enforcement and the target of raids and sweeps. The project of the unity of immigrant families of new York Institute of justice NYIFUP will continue to support detainees with prior deportation orders.

Project on freedom of protection has largely been the response to the immigration policy of the administration of the tramp and the actions of ICE in the capture and deportation of immigrants, including during their visit to the court or administrative buildings, as well as in the course of massive raids.

All immigrants in need of free legal assistance are urged to call the hotline at 1-800-566-7636 phone. All information about the calls is confidential. Help is available in more than 200 languages.