Nadler called the Mueller at a hearing in Congress in the case of election of 2016

The Chairman of the judiciary Committee of Congress, Democrat Gerald Nadler, as promised earlier, called Robert Mueller at the hearing of the Chamber. Spectacular Mueller, for 22 months headed the investigation against Russian participation in the elections in 2016 and win trump will have to report to the U.S. Congress in may.

The democratic majority of Congress insists on the publication of the results of the investigation, but the Mueller report was laid on the table of the attorney General William Barr, who is in no hurry to make it public, just voicing a brief conclusion. According to him, the investigation did not prove the guilt of the trump and does not contain grounds for bringing charges against the White house and his family. Congressmen would like to hear it personally from the Muller, who more than a year announced very different conclusions.

Democrats can cite no precedent for their demands for grand jury information from the #MuellerReport, but there’s a solution we should all be able to agree on: The Judiciary Committee should invite the Special Counsel to testify immediately.

— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) April 8, 2019

Today, the chief Republican on the judiciary Committee Doug Collins first raised this issue, calling Nadler to call Mueller at the hearing, and as quickly as possible, in the period until April 22: «Although this week the House of representatives is on break, I think we can agree that this case is too important to wait. The members of the Committee, probably, will return to Washington at such a critical moment in the history of our country.»

In order to Special Counsel Mueller ask the right questions, the Committee must receive the Special Counsel»s full report and hear from Attorney General Barr about that report on May 2. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Mueller at the appropriate time. 2/2

— (((Rep. Nadler))) (@RepJerryNadler) April 8, 2019

Democrat Nadler has agreed to a proposal by the Republican: «I fully agree. Mueller to appear before the Committee to publicly answer questions about his 22-month investigation against the President of trump and his associates».

However, the head of the Committee suddenly called not to hurry and to postpone the hearing Mueller may: «To ask spectracolor the right questions, the Committee must receive the full report and to listen to attorney General Barr may 2. We look forward to a response from Robert Mueller».