School of long island 6-grader says she was forbidden to write a report about the Hero-trump

In lake Ronkonkoma (long island) Valerie Moscato, the mother of 11-year-old Bella, said that her daughter was forbidden to use the image of the US President Donald trump for the project «Hero class» in school Samoset. According to her, when the sixth graders in middle school were instructed to choose a character that they will write a report that Bella said that her choice is not difficult: «Donald trump is my hero.» However, the teacher said that trump is «spreading negativity and saying bad things about women» and asked her to choose another hero.

The 45th President of the United States was the idol of Bella in 8 years, so she even dressed like a tramp, when I went to the lesson. Bella’s mother says she was outraged when her daughter called her from school on the incident. In her opinion, what did the teacher do, is tantamount to intimidation and censorship. Arthur Moscato, the girl’s father says he can’t believe that someone might tell his daughter that the current US President can’t be her hero.

Superintendent, Central school district, Dr. Kenneth Graham responded to the request of the Long Island News12, commenting on the situation:

«It is not right that this student said that it was not allowed to conduct research or to report on someone for school assignments, including President of the trump. As far as we know, at its option, the student is still implementing its project of the President trump».

But the Moscato family wants an apology from the teacher: «no One should force a child to feel this way, and it needs to protect my child,» says Arthur Moscato.

An 11-year-old girl named Bella Moscato was not allowed to have a President Donald Trump as her hero for a class assignment.

Teachers should do their jobs and teach students instead of pushing their political opinions on them.

That’s called indoctrination…#MAGAPhobia

— Rafaello Carone J. 🇺🇸 (@raficarone_21) April 5, 2019

Question about the incident was raised at the school Board meeting Wednesday night, but it was decided that a public meeting to consider impossible, and the question will come back later. Kenneth Graham has shared his opinion with the NY Post, «I want to clarify that the County does not approve of any restrictions or prohibitions on the choice of the student the President of the United States of America as the subject of his or her report of the «Hero.»

The situation is vividly commented in social networks. At the time, as some believe the behavior of the teacher is unacceptable, others believe that the girl’s parents needlessly involve it in politics.

School of long island 6-grader says she was forbidden to write a report about the Hero-trump