The text of the report by Robert Mueller will be published on Thursday morning

Press Secretary of the Ministry of justice Kerry Merchant said today that attorney General William Barr plans to publish the text of the Mueller report on Thursday morning.

Edited report of the special adviser Robert Mueller, for 22 months investigating the participation of Russia in the presidential election of 2016, and relationships trump with the Kremlin, has 400 pages. It is argued that in place of parts of the original that have been removed from the official publication, will be marked with color signs showing exactly where the seized information and for what reason — whether it contained classified material, information, Grand jury or was the damage to the reputation of a private person. Attorney General Barr promised last week that removed from the official publication of the parts will be submitted to the Congress.

Previously, Barr has published a four-page summary of the main conclusions of Muller, in which he claimed that the investigation has not established conspiracy between the trump and the Russian government, and evidence of obstructing justice on the part of trump. On the basis of these findings, William Barr and Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein decided that there is no sufficient reason for legal action against Donald trump.However, critics of the incumbent President speculated that Barr might misinterpret the materials of the investigation and demanded the publication of the report with minimum cuts needed for national security.Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of Congress has prepared a summons to the Ministry of justice for a full report without any changes, if they don’t get it this week.