«If I was Boeing…»: President trump advised the company to rename the infamous Boeing 737 Max

President Donald trump suggested the American company Boeing rename your passenger 737 Max after the fatal plane crash in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Today, April 15, in the morning, the American leader, who had previously suspended the operation of the 737 Max airliner in the United States, offered his own strategy to help Boeing cope with the current problems. Aerospace multinational company is faced with the loss of sales due to faults with the 737 Max after two accidents in 5 months, which killed 346 people. In March, Boeing hasn’t sold a single airliner, the 737 Max.

«What I know about branding, it may be nothing (but I became the President!)… If I was Boeing, I would have repaired the Boeing 737 MAX, would have added some extra great features, and would make a rebranding of the plane with a new name, wrote trump on Twitter. — Nothing hurt like this. But then again, what do I know?»

Trump worked closely in recent weeks with the company after the collapse of the 737 Max in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on Board.

A preliminary investigation of the crash, as an Indonesian tragedy revealed problems in the system correction manoeuvre (MCAS). Its essence lies in the fact that when manual control sensors to automatically lower the nose of the liner in case of «scoring», which can lead to the crash.