Ocasio-Cortez re-called for discussion of impeachment trump in Congress

The Congresswoman is a Democrat from the Bronx Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it continues to insist on the initiative of the impeachment of Donald trump, which is contrary to the position of speaker of the house of representatives, the head of the democratic majority, Nancy Pelosi.

29-year-old politician touched on this subject again in the news live on Yahoo News Skullduggery, saying: «I support the impeachment of this President.» She said she will sign the resolution submitted last month, Congresswoman from Michigan with Rashidi Tlaib urging Congress to investigate, did trump the crimes that lead to impeachment. «We didn’t sign when he was first introduced, but most likely, we’ll do it — said Ocasio-Cortez is about resolution. — We will consider it.»

Ocasio-Cortez re-called for discussion of impeachment trump in Congressflickr.com/nrkbeta/CC

Ocasio-Cortez believes that there are «many things» that have made the trump, which would serve as a basis for impeachment, but in Sunday’s broadcast highlighted the violation of the paragraph on remuneration in the Constitution as the most blatant. This paragraph prohibits Federal officials from accepting payments from foreign governments without congressional approval. However, last month a Federal appeals court heard the arguments of the lawyers of Maryland and the district of Columbia that trump makes a profit from foreign officials who stay in his hotel Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Ocasio-Cortez also believes that trump has committed tax fraud. She recalled the testimony of Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of the President, at the February Board of the house of representatives that trump inflated their assets to obtain loans and reduced the value of their property to reduce their tax bill. While the Congresswoman spoke skeptically about the possibility to build a charge on the results of the work of the special adviser Robert Mueller, to investigate the relationship of the tramp with the Kremlin:

«If we got something out of the Mueller report, I would probably put it at number 1, but I feel a little risky to voice all the reasons for impeachment… put all their eggs in this basket,» she said, adding that the remuneration «includes any form of financial misconduct».

Last month the head of the Democrats in Congress, speaker Nancy Pelosi urged members of his party, especially members of the progressive wing, with careful attention to the persecution of trump: «You’re wasting your time if the evidence is not so compelling that the Republicans have accepted them… otherwise, it’s a gift to the President. We are distracted from the main».