Rosenstein may have promised the Ecuadorians that Assange is not executed in the United States

Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein has promised not to demand from the court the death penalty for Julian Assange. At least, think so in Ecuador. Today a number of media, citing unnamed sources, claimed that the Ambassador of Ecuador in Germany Manuel Mejia Dalmau has received such an assurance from US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. None of these individuals this information is not officially confirmed nor denied.

Search the way of removing Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was launched by the Ecuadorians last March. Then, on March 7, Ecuador has officially requested England to give written assurances that Britain will not give Assange to a country where he could face the death penalty. However, in the case of the Creator of WikiLeaks from the Embassy and arrest by the British, the question of extradition to the US would arise inevitably. Therefore, according to the ABC, in Berlin in the summer and autumn were contacted ambassadors of Ecuador and the United States. Ambassador Grenell was elected by the Ecuadorians as the interlocutor for its relative proximity to the Trump and the current White house administration.

Rosenstein may have promised the Ecuadorians that Assange is not executed in the Unitedía del Ecuador/CC

It is alleged that by contacting the Ministry of justice, Grenell received permission to speak with reference to Rosenstein that the death penalty will not be considered, and even named the most likely punishment is imprisonment for up to 5 years. It is difficult to say what played a crucial role and influenced the decision of Ecuador to give Assange a promise to Grenelle or the desire to be free from the excessive burden of the costs associated with the maintenance Assange in the Embassy. As told Dalmau media expenditures expenditures on safety and residential space amounted to $30-35 thousand per month.

Now in the indictment, the US alleges that Assange in 2010, «agreed to help Manning in cracking the password to access the computers of the Ministry of defense, is connected to the network, Secret Internet Protocol Network, a government network of the United States, used for classified documents and messages». Perhaps it will be changed, so now it is difficult to qualify differently than «treason» and «espionage» — two charges which are allowed as punishment of the death penalty.