Ocasio-Cortez believes that soft accusation felicity Huffman — a sign of class justice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter have responded negatively to that well-known actress felicity Huffman for fraud related to the admission of her child to College, prosecutors offered to give 4-10 months in prison, considering that it is not enough. The representative of new York in Congress said that the story of Huffman and other well-known participants in the scandal with the income shows that in the USA there are class law enforcement system.

Our country has a “justice” system that criminalizes poverty + race disproportionately targets, yet routinely pardons large-scale crimes of wealth and privilege.

Moments like these tell us it’s less a justice system, and more a class enforcement system. ⬇ this https://t.co/etlIksWsiy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) April 16, 2019

«In our country there is a system of «justice», which kriminalisiert poverty and disproportionately focused on race, but regularly forgives large-scale crimes associated with wealth and privilege. Moments like these show us that this is not the justice system, and class legal system,» says Ocasio-Cortez, commenting on one of the news about the scandal with the College. (Read more about the scandal with the income to colleges in USA read.one). Disclosed by the Ministry of justice scheme of bribery and fraud in the admission of children of wealthy families in colleges became the largest such case in U.S. history. The prosecution for such crimes may require up to 20 years in prison, but the defendants came to an agreement with the investigation.

Desperate Housewife felicity Huffman, among others, 13 of the parents pleaded guilty last week to conspiracy to commit fraud. Huffman stated that she is «ashamed for the pain she caused her daughter, your family, your friends, colleagues and the educational community.»

Let’s be clear. The college admissions scandal is just the TIP of the iceberg.

There’s admissions, then there’s admissions for the wealthy.

There’s criminal justice, then there’s criminal justice for the privileged.

There shouldn’t be two systems.

— Abdul El-Sayed (@AbdulElSayed) April 9, 2019

We also responded to the scandal by Abdul El-Sayed, a politician, lost the election for Governor in Michigan in 2018 year: «Let’s be Frank. The scandal with the College is just the tip of the iceberg. There are assumptions for the rich. There are just criminal justice, and criminal justice for the privileged. There should be no two systems».