During rallies in Iowa Pete Buttidzhich was attacked homophobes

Presidential candidate Democrat Pete Buttidzhich at several rallies in Iowa, was attacked by homophobes and religious people. Recently announced officially its election campaign, the former mayor of South Bend Pete openly gay Buttidzhich not discouraged by the shouts of opponents and configured to cultural exchange.

After the official announcement that Pete Buttidzhich will compete for the White house and could be the future President of the United States, it apparently began to take seriously those for whom the idea of open gays in the oval office seems a sacrilege. Twitter posts appear religious-homophobic content, for example, depicting the Buttidzhichem a servant of the dark forces, and at rallies people shouted at him angry cues.

Oh my god. The protester has a fake @PeteButtigieg whipping Jesus on a cross. I have no words. pic.twitter.com/VxeqXbfAIs

— Marcus DiPaola (@marcusdipaola) April 17, 2019

The town hall meeting in Fort Dodge (Iowa) man in a blue shirt shouted: «You betray his baptism» then was removed from the hall. At the event in des Moines man in a white shirt and tie shouted similar accusations, and on meeting near Franklin middle school in the same des Moines another man in a suit started shouting: «Sodom and Gomorrah!», shouting down a speech by Buttidzhichem. The candidate’s supporters drowned out the opponent, together chanting «Pete! Pete! Pete!».

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded with a «thank you» to anti-gay hecklers at an Iowa rally. https://t.co/7H6vsI0Jg8 pic.twitter.com/XrEE4P0sZH

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) April 17, 2019

Further theme raised in a more civilized way: one of the guests of the meeting asked Pete what he had to say to my friends who say that America is not ready for President-gay. Buttidzhich said, «Say hi to your friends».

Thanks for coming out to see us tonight, Des Moines. pic.twitter.com/VF3hn958SC

— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) April 17, 2019

The candidate said he was not surprised and not overwhelmed by the attacks: «In our politics there are a lot of positions, there is a wide range, with stripes. It’s part of how politics works, and you should not do this unless you are prepared to deal with it».

He added: «We must recognize that we will not give an inch to racism or xenophobia, which played a role in this campaign, we should pay attention to what makes people susceptible to these cries and to make sure that we appeal to him.» Remembering the man in a blue t-shirt from Fort Dodge, Buttidzhich said, «I’m not sure that he would like to sit with me, but I could sit down with him at the table so we could have a respectful exchange of views.»

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: «I think the reason we’re having this argument over socialism and capitalism is that capitalism has let a lot of people down.» https://t.co/TsjBqrq2gT pic.twitter.com/lp86oOkqEC

— The Hill (@thehill) April 17, 2019

So far, except for the sexual orientation of Pete Buttidzhich anything else did not cause the opponents of sharp criticism, but that may change. Tuesday on CNN he thought about socialism and capitalism: «I think the reason we argue about socialism and capitalism, is that capitalism has failed many people.» And then added that he believes in «democratic capitalism,» and believes that democracy is more important than capitalism.