The Ministry of justice has published a 400-page report by Robert Mueller

The Ministry of justice has published an edited version of a 400-page report by special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. This happened a few weeks after U.S. attorney General William Barr wrote a 4-page letter containing the «key findings» of the special advocate.

Here are the main points of the report, which was released today:

  • obtained evidence «about the actions and intentions of the President are complex issues that hinder definitively establish that the criminal conduct was not»;
  • campaigners trump knew that they will get benefit from the illegal actions of Russia, which will affect the election, but did not take criminal steps to facilitate this;
  • Mueller decided not to call the President to court because it believed that this will delay the investigation.

«We again asked to conduct a personal interrogation [trump], restricted to certain topics, and invited the lawyer for the President to voluntarily provide us with information so we can evaluate it in the context of all the collected evidence, the report said. — The President refused».

Team Mueller refused to prosecute Donald trump, Jr. for participation in the June meeting in 2016 with the Russian representatives in trump tower partly because they are unable to prove that he and other representatives of the campaign «intentionally» broke the law.

According to the report, they are also not going to press charges against the former attorney General Jeff Session for perjury in Congress because of the imprecise wording of the questions.

Shortly before the publication of the report to the attorney General Barr stated that Mueller found no conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States.