Elizabeth Warren called on Congress to impeach trump

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings of U.S. President Donald trump. She believes that insights from the investigation of special counsel Robert Muller is sufficient for the decision of the legislators:

«The seriousness of this misconduct requires that elected officials of both parties set aside political considerations and fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. This means that the house needs to begin impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.»

Mueller put the next step in the hands of Congress: “Congress has authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice.” The correct process for exercising that authority is impeachment.

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) April 19, 2019

In an interview on «the Show Rachel Maddo» Warren once again turning to the topic of impeachment, called the moment a fundamental point: «the report is quite clear that a foreign government attacked our electoral system to help Donald Trump… He welcomed this assistance, and then when she was investigated by our own Federal authorities, Donald trump has taken several steps to try to prevent justice.»

Elizabeth Warren called on Congress to impeach trumpshutterstock/JStone

In Congress, the decision of the Democrats is largely dependent on the authoritative opinion of the majority leader, speaker Nancy Pelosi, who previously spoke negatively about the idea of impeachment. Today, press Secretary to Pelosi, commented on NBC’s the word Warren is also restrained: «We are focused on obtaining the full unedited version of the report and its underlying documents, as well as to receive information from Mueller. The report raises more questions and problems which, in our opinion, the American people deserve answers».

Elizabeth Warren became the first candidate in presidents from Democrats, who called on the house to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald trump. The rest is careful in his statements. Only a former member of the house of representatives Beto O’rourke said more clearly, questioning the prospect of impeachment: «I’m not sure that impeachment and those hearings in the House of representatives and a potential process in the Senate will answer questions for people,» according to the Hill. Also spoke negatively Cory Booker, saying briefly, «No.»

Question: «Do you think there should be a conversation about impeachment right now?»

Sen. Cory Booker: «No.» pic.twitter.com/jXH2ejgbEq

— The Hill (@thehill) April 20, 2019

Definitely for impeachment in Congress expressed earlier only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx. Report on the investigation into Muller published this Thursday, attorney General William Barr did not see in it grounds for legal action against trump.