Trump congratulated Vladimir Zelensky on his election victory in Ukraine

The President of the United States Donald trump congratulated Ukrainians with democratic elections, and Vladimir Zelensky – with a victory.

On this day, April 22, tweeted the special representative of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Trump President called to congratulate Volodymyr Zelenskyy (@zeteam_official) for his electoral victory and the Ukrainian people for a peaceful & democratic election. We will continue to support 🇺🇦’s efforts to restore its territorial integrity and counter 🇷🇺 aggression.

— Kurt Volker (@SpecRepUkraine) April 22, 2019

«President trump called to congratulate Vladimir Zelensky’s victory in the elections and the Ukrainian people for the peaceful and democratic elections. We will continue to support efforts to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and opposition to Russian aggression,» wrote Walker.

One of the first European leaders Zelensky congratulated German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The message was published in the Twitter press-Secretary of the government of Germany Ulrike Demmer.

According to Merkel, the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Donbas is extremely important for Germany. Not less important is the reform of the legal system, decentralizing power and fighting corruption. Merkel also invited Zelensky to visit Berlin.

Public outcry caused the congratulations of Vladimir Zelensky from the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

«Throughout the campaign the team Zelensky received the so-called support from the Russian propagandists and former Ukrainian officials. We will do as without this support and without their greetings,» – said the Agency «Interfax-Ukraine» the speaker of the election staff of Dmitry Zelensky Razumkov.

Note that the official congratulations of the Kremlin is not followed.

As 14.48 (local time) Central election Commission has processed 99.03% of protocols. Vladimir Zelensky is gaining 73,22%. The current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gaining 24,46% of the vote. At foreign polling stations were won by Peter Poroshenko after processing 100% of protocols.

Petro Poroshenko said that is not going to retire from politics and will make a «strong» opposition to the new government.