The rating of trump reached a historic low, but the idea of impeachment is also not supported

A fresh survey by POLITICO / Morning Consult showed that the approval rating of President Donald trump fell 5 points, reaching a historic low during his presidency. Analysts attributed the downgrade in the White house with the release of the Mueller report, noting, however, that the decline was much smaller than expected prior to publication.

The rating of trump reached a historic low, but the idea of impeachment is also not supported

Only 39% of voters approve of the job that trump performs as President. This is 5% less compared to 44% last week. 57% said they disapprove of the administration’s actions trump. However, the Mueller report did not lead voters to think that Donald trump should leave his post. As noted in the report, only 34% of respondents believe that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings to remove the President from office, compared with 39% in January. Almost half, 48%, say that Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings.

«The split in public opinion — reduction of trump support, but a decrease in the number of voters who want Congress began impeachment reflects the Mueller report, which clears trump and his campaign against charges of criminal conspiracy with the Russian government, but which has documented many examples of attempts by trump to interfere with investigations,» writes the Politico report.

The position of the leading Democrats coincides with public opinion identified in the survey. The speaker of the Congress, the democratic majority leader Nancy Pelosi repeatedly in recent weeks, said that while not in favour of impeachment. The subject of impeachment bypass and leaders-presidential candidates (except Senator Elizabeth Warren declared the need to start impeachment).

Poll POLITICO / Morning Consult revealed American attitudes to the report of Muller. 46% believe that the investigation of the influence of Russia on the presidential elections of 2016 was conducted fairly, while 29% believe it was biased. Discovered amazing cross-party agreement on this issue: 48% of voters-Democrats, 46% Republicans and 43% of independent respondents think that the investigation was conducted objectively.