Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested to name in honor of the Donald trump one of the settlements on the Golan heights

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, making today’s trip to the Golan heights, said that one of the settlements in this area may be named in honor of U.S. President Donald trump.

The head of Israel, recently won the elections and extend his term of office, during the election period had broad moral support from Washington. The top support was made during a personal meeting trump and Netanyahu at the White house, statement on the U.S. recognition of the Golan heights under Israeli sovereignty. The territory occupied during the 6-day war and its membership is disputed by Palestinians, many States and international organizations.

I’m here on the beautiful Golan Heights. All Israelis were deeply moved when President Trump made his historic decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) April 23, 2019

As writes Jerusalem Post, Benjamin Netanyahu said:

«A few weeks ago I received an official recognition by the President of the trump Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights forever. It is necessary to Express our gratitude, turning to communities in the Golan heights. I’ll report this to the government [for approval]».

ממשיכים לטייל ברמת הגולן. מועדים לשמחה!

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) April 23, 2019

Netanyahu visited the Golan heights during the period of Passover arrived together with his wife and sons. Presumably the new name will get one of the new, yet unnamed settlements. It will sound something like Kiryat trump and trump-town.