Trump confirmed the words Ocasio-Cortez that the Ministry of veterans Affairs of the United States «not broken»

Donald trump agreed with a member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is constantly criticized by the supporters of the President.

«Member of the house of representatives Ocasio-Cortez is right that the Ministry of veterans Affairs the US is not broken, it’s all great,» trump wrote, referring to the comment made by Ocasio-Cortez last week when she criticized the idea of privatization of medical services at the Ministry. However, he immediately added that the success happened only «thanks to the administration trump».

The President reiterated the words of the Congresswoman, which, by the way, recently compared it to a cancer in the presidency.

«All I can think of is a classic chorus that parents always repeated to me: «If something is not broken, do not fix it»,» said Ocasio-Cortez during the event at city hall in new York. She added that efforts to privatize medical care for veterans designed to benefit the pharmaceutical companies and insurers, not to help people.

Republican lawmakers and conservatives quickly jumped on the social-Democrat for her remark, referring to several scandals in the field of health, which rocked the government Agency over the past few years.

It turned out that many veterans encounter delays and get to the secret queue. Many patients are even dying while waiting for treatment. According to the report of the Department for the year 2015, more than 300 thousand military veterans died awaiting medical care, and twice as many people are still awaiting treatment.

Trump is either missed, or chose to ignore criticism Ocasio-Cortez from their supporters. The President once again stressed that he is responsible for the Veterans Choice & Accountability Act, which actually was first passed during the presidency of Barack Obama.