The Washington Post says that trump has decided to pay $2 million to the DPRK «for medical care» Otto Bombieri

The President of the United States Donald trump is allegedly willing to pay $ 2 million to North Korea for «treatment» Otto Wambier. Media today reported that the bill was sent to the White house to the U.S. Treasury. Himself Donald trump on this topic has not yet spoken.

Wambier participated in the trip to North Korea, where at the beginning of January 2016, was detained by local authorities. He was accused of accused that he had allegedly committed «a hostile act» — wanted to steal and take out of the country the propaganda poster with the slogan of the ruling Korean workers ‘ party. After sentencing 21-year-old American student went into a coma. In the end, he was returned to the U.S. in June 2017, but died without regaining consciousness.

The Washington Post says that trump has decided to pay $2 million to the DPRK «for medical care» Otto Bombieri

Today, the Washington Post, citing its unnamed sources, writes that North Korea is billed in the amount of$ 2 million for medical services rendered Otto Vomiero, and that, allegedly, the trump approved the bill. Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders said: «We do not comment on negotiations about the hostages, which is why they were so successful during this administration.»

Initially, the U.S. accused the DPRK in the death of a student. North Korea claimed that Wambier fell into a coma after a bout of botulism and taking sleeping pills. Upon arrival of the patient in the United States, to prove the fact of torture or other deliberate actions, damaged Wombaroo failed. Michael fluckiger, medical Director at Phoenix Air Group from Arizona, who was sent together with the then U.S. representative in North Korea Joseph Yun to meet with Gambierol in North Korea, said that the American prisoner has received «really good care» in the special hospital for foreigners in Pyongyang. However, the district court of the district of Columbia ruled on the suit of the parents of the deceased and ordered North Korea to pay $ 501 million in compensation. The judge recognized the country «responsible for torture, hostage-taking and murder.» North Korean authorities this compensation is not paid.