The mayor of the city in the United States advised the user to Twitter to complain to the police on the Hasidim on the beaches

The Mayor Of Brick Township (NJ) John J. Dusi was at the center of antisemitische scandal over his response to a comment about Jews.

On Tuesday, April 23, the Twitter user @simms10471 asked the mayor whether he had anything to do with parks and beaches that are «captured» and «destroyed» by Hasidim and Orthodox Jews.

«Our residents, who pay taxes, are displaced, and politicians sit and do nothing» — outraged resident of the town.

Instead of condemning the tweet, Dusi wrote that they have already strengthened the protection of parks, and added: «Just contact the police with any problem and they will kick them out.»

The mayor’s words caused a strong reaction in social networks: he was accused of ignoring anti-Semitism in the original user message. He later tried to justify.

«On this Twitter feed (and the world at large) have no place in a bigoted or hateful comments, he wrote on Twitter. They hurt and divide. They are condemned by me and all who are trying to change the world for the better. Look for good in ourselves and others, and the world will be better».

This twitter feed (and the world in general) is no place for bigotry or hateful comments. They are hurtful and divisive. They are condemned by me and all who are trying to make a difference in the world. Look for the good in you and others and the world will be a bettter place.

— Mayor Ducey (@MayorDucey) April 24, 2019

The mayor condemned the «bigotry or hateful comments» in your post on Twitter and spent most of Wednesday morning, responding to comments to clarify their statements.

But many Twitter users were not satisfied with his explanation.

«Too late, yesterday you showed us who you really are, the good old anti-Semite,» wrote @LeviLobl.