Maria Butina received 18 months in prison — including those already in custody

Russian Maria Butina received 18 months in prison by sentence of the court, agreed with this request of prosecutors. After the end of the period of detention of a Russian citizen to be deported home to Russia.

The judge, U.S. district court Tanya Chutkan rendered a verdict that was consistent with the Prosecutor’s demand of jail time and agreed to deport a 30-year Butina back to Russia after she finishes serving time. The sentence includes the almost nine months, during which Butina was already in jail since her arrest in July. Thus, it may be in Russia this winter. The softness of judges and prosecutors due to the fact that she has pleaded guilty, expressed remorse and cooperated with the investigation.

Maria Butina received 18 months in prison — including those already in custody

«For the entire international scandal that has caused my arrest, I feel so ashamed. My parents taught me the dignity of higher education, how to lead a legitimate lifestyle and how to be good and kind to others,» — reports Reuters words of Butunoi said it at court.

Butina has admitted before court that he conspired with a Russian officer and two Americans, and in 2015 up to her arrest in July of 2018, tried to infiltrate the National rifle Association, a group closely associated with the conservative United States Republican politicians, including President Donald trump, and create informal communication to try to convince Washington to change policy towards Moscow more friendly.

According to CNN, speaking to the court, Butina also talked about his desire to someday return to the United States: «I still keep it in your heart to one day return to this country, but I know that this desire is only a dream.» «You still have your future ahead of you. Good luck!», — NY Post quoted the parting words spoken by judge Tanya Chutkan to address Maria Butunoi.