Trump feels young and energetic compared to Biden

Donald trump on Friday, speaking to reporters in the White house, said that compared to Joe Biden — he is quite a young man.

When a reporter asked the President a question, will you play the age factor a role in the election race 2020, trump replied: «I just feel like a young man. I am a young, energetic person. I would never say that someone is too old, but I know that they make me look very young, both from the point of view of age, and from the point of view of energy.» At this point, I remembered the 76-year-old Biden, trump said with a smile «I look at Joe, I don’t know how he is.»

President Trump told reporters he was ‘young’ and ‘vibrant’ compared to former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, 76, is considered to be the Democratic frontrunner to take on Trump, 72, in the 2020 presidential election

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) April 26, 2019

Among the participants in the elections 2020 some scapes because of the high age expressed critics against the three declared candidates. This 72-year-old Donald trump, 76-year-old Joe Biden and 77-year-old Bernie Sanders. Biden and Sanders are now in the lead in polls among Democrats. Amid speculation — will the next President of the United States the first ever woman, the first openly gay or first attacker, the reality stands on the threshold of the White house for the first time in history, so age of the President. Although trump, winning in the last elections in 70 years of age has already broken the available to him the record of Ronald Reagan, entered the White house in 69 years.

Trump feels young and energetic compared to Biden