During the annual ceremony in new Jersey, raised the flags of all the States, except for Mississippi — because of the symbol of the Confederacy

Friday, April 26, at Liberty State Park in new Jersey in the annual tradition raised the flags of all the States in the country. However, it turned out that the flag of Mississippi was not there.

The Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy was forbidden to raise the flag of Mississippibecause it is the symbol of the Confederacy. It was therefore decided to replace the official flag of the state of Magnolia American flag.

In his statement, Phil Murphy noted that «the symbol of the Confederacydisplayed on the flag of Mississippi, is reprehensible and does not reflect our values of unity and equality».

He also stressed that in new Jersey, «rooted diverse communities» and said that in place of the flag of Mississippi will unfold the flag of the United States.

State Senator, Democrat Sandra Cunningham, who has long opposed the flag with the emblem of the Confederation, praised the decision of Murphy and thanked him for his courageous step: «the Confederate Flag symbolizes the era of hatred, violence and discord. I thank Governor Murphy for his commitment to tolerance and equality, and the decision to remove this hated symbol of Liberty State Park. In new Jersey there is no place for hate».

The Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant says he is disappointed by the decision of his colleagues from new Jersey to remove the flag from southern state Park overlooking the Statue of Liberty. On Friday, he said: «I am disappointed with the actions of Governor Murphy. As I have repeatedly said, only Mississippi voters must decide, is it the flag state or not.»

«Disgraced» the flag is still depicted fighting the symbol of the Confederate army — a red square with a blue St. Andrew’s cross, which includes 13 stars. After 2003, Georgia adopted a new flag, Mississippi remained the only state that has on its banner the symbol of the Confederacy.

In 2001, in Mississippi, a referendum was held in which a majority of Missourians voted to keep your old flag. However, several cities and counties in recent years has ceased to use it. Supporters also claim that the flag represents history.