Ilhan Omar condemned Ted Cruz for the lack of comments about the attack on the synagogue in San Diego

Ilhan Omar said that Senator Ted Cruz should be ashamed of the attacks on her because of her old comments about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, because he has not spoken about what happened in Saturday’s attack on a synagogue in San Diego.

Sunday cruise in Twitter criticized Ilhan Omar, mentioning her remarks about Pro-Israel lobbying, as well as remembering a caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the New York Times, where he is depicted in the form of a guide dog leading a Donald trump.

In response, Omar rebuked Cruz in that he makes strong statements about anti-Semitism of the left, but has not commented on the attack on the synagogue on the Sabbath, which occurred on the last day of Passover and ended with the death of one person. «White nationalist literally terrorized a synagogue during Pesach, and you still have not spoken about this. Would be ashamed».

A white nationalist literally terrorized a synagogue during Passover yesterday and you have yet to say anything.

Shame on you.

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) April 28, 2019

While politicians were quick to Express on Twitter their condolences about the shooting at the synagogue, on page Ted Cruz appeared even mention the attack.

Omar, in turn, joined members of Congress, condemned the crime and expressed condolences to those affected by the shooting. She said: «it breaks my heart after today’s shooting in San Diego on the last day of Passover and 6 months after the incident in the synagogue’s «Tree of life». We as a nation must fight a terrifying growth of hatred and violence. Love conquers hate.»

The suspect in the attack was John Ernest (19). He opened fire on members of a synagogue Chabad of Poway Synagogue on Saturday morning. Lori Gilbert-Kai (60 years) died, closing a Rabbi Israel Goldstein, as he told later. During the attack injured 3 people, including Goldstein, and 8-year-old girl.

Officials called the shooting the crime of hate. They explore the Manifesto allegedly written by Ernest in which he admits that he decided to attack a synagogue after the recent fire in Christchurch in New Zealand, as well as in the synagogue’s «Tree of life» in Pittsburgh.