Since the beginning of the election campaign, trump has sold nearly 1 million cap MAGA

Brad Parscale, campaign Manager Donald trump, on Sunday, April 28, in an interview said that already managed to sell about 1 million caps MAGA. This fact, according to him, is proof that trump has revised its attitude to the art of campaigning.

Speaking on CBS News program Face the Nation, Parscal said that in this campaign the call of the trump is that each supporter can feel involved in the process of the race.

Pascal discussed the tactics of the campaign leading with trump’s Margaret Brennan and said that voters «want to be a part of it … they want to participate in it».

As one of the interesting ways to collect donations, he called the campaign of sending «brick foam» democratic leaders in Congress Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who refused to Finance the construction of a wall on the Mexican border.

Parscal said that such tactics could attract to the Fund campaign trump $3-4 million from the so-called «small donors». Would work it is very simple: supporters of the trump wishing to be involved had to «buy a brick of foam, and by writing his name on it, send it to the office of Nancy Pelosi, so to say they are in favour of building the wall.»

«It’s a way for those who are somewhere in Central Nebraska, who are far from the system, but wants to be involved. By donating $25, $40, they can say, «Hey, I want to change the situation,»» says Parscal.

Now in this strategy are not «bricks», and is known to the branded product trump. «We do this through t-shirts, we do it with hats,» said Pascal, noting that caps MAGA, which is one of the main symbols of the campaign trump in 2016, has brought millions of dollars.

«We are close to sell our millionth red hat MAGA. You know what they cost 45 bucks a pop. You can count very quickly — that’s $45 million,» — said Pascal Margaret Brennan, adding that the campaign to collect donations and more popular among the «small donors». «95% of our money comes in small sums of money,» he said.

Republican candidates traditionally lagged behind its competitors Democrats in small donations, especially through online resources, so an impressive number of donors from the masses, so proud of the campaign trump, it becomes an encouraging sign.

Earlier this month, the campaign office of the incumbent President said that in the first quarter of 2019 managed to raise more than $30 million endowment, bringing the Fund turned in a total of $40.8 mln Then it was stated that the average donation is $34,26, but 99% of all donor inflows amounted to $200 or less.