A veteran of Afghanistan, is accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Los Angeles

A veteran of the U.S. army, the participant of operations in Afghanistan, is accused by the Ministry of justice in preparing for terrorist attacks in Los Angeles. He was arrested on Friday evening.

26-year-old mark Stephen Domingo, as believes a consequence, tried to blow up improvised explosive devices filled with nails this past weekend at the rally in long beach, organized by a white nationalist group. As stated at the press conference, the Prosecutor Nick Hannah, «law Enforcement was able to identify the man, beset by hatred, prone to mass murder and stop him before he could carry out their attack.»

A veteran of Afghanistan, is accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Los Angelesflickr.com/Mark Ordonez/CC

Domingo allegedly wanted «to seek retribution for attacks on Muslims» and planned attacks on Jews, the Church and law enforcement officials. In particular, the investigation indicates his interest in the route of the Jews to the local synagogue, one military facility and the crowd on the pier of Santa Monica.

According to Hanna, Domingo recently converted to Islam. 2 Mar Domingo published in the Internet a video in which talked about his Muslim faith, wrote that «America needs another case in Vegas», referring to mass shootings in Las Vegas in October 2017, which killed more than 50 people. He wanted to «give them a taste of the terror that they spread joy around the world», — reports the Ministry of justice.

After the mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand in March, which killed dozens of people, Domingo wrote: «there Must be (so) retaliation.»

After that, according to the Ministry of justice, Domingo asked the FBI informant to find someone who could put together an improvised explosive device IED. He met with the informant and came with weapons (automatic Kalashnikov model).

Hannah notes that «the criminal case outlines a terrifying conspiracy of terrorism, which has evolved in the last two months and was intended for innocent Americans, which he expected to collect last weekend».