Michael mccaul urged the United States to decisively confront Russia and to help Ukraine

Republican Congressman from Texas Michael mccaul spoke with great software article, urged the United States to decisively confront Russia, and actively support Ukraine:

«Free and fair elections in Ukraine, the new President Vladimir Zelensky reflect a positive step for the democratic future of Ukraine, but … there is still the looming cloud of an active military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and the ongoing Kremlin’s attempts to sow discord and chaos through sophisticated disinformation and propaganda campaign against the Ukrainian government and society. If we want to attack Russia, assistance in dealing with Putin at its threshold gives a strong signal that America will support its allies, wherever they may be located.»

The article was published in the National Interest, and it notes that Vladimir Putin wants to regain the superpower status and must be actively supported Ukraine and other neighboring democratic country that never happened.

«I traveled to Ukraine and was at the forefront of Putin’s hybrid war, where Russia feels its new cyber-weapons and tactics. One of the most devastating examples is the Russian virus «NotPetya», which appeared in Ukraine, has spread to 64 countries. It caused damage to government agencies USA and companies such as Maersk, worth more than $ 10 billion, and also violated the work of the port of Los Angeles,» says the Congressman.

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Member of the Committee of Congress on foreign Affairs McCall, noting the current weaknesses in Ukraine, drew attention to the need for broad support of legal and economic reforms in the country: «currently, ten of the richest people in the country accounts for 10 percent of the gross domestic product of the country. We need to work together with Ukraine on the development of policies aimed at eliminating monopolies and giving consumers a more equitable markets. Despite the fact that the government was slow in carrying out key anti-corruption reforms, we need to continue to support such organizations as the anti-corruption Supreme court of Ukraine».

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— Defence of Ukraine (@DefenceU) March 29, 2019

Given the continued escalation in the Donbas, including after adoption by the Kremlin, the decision about distribution there the Russian passports, occupation of the Crimea and threat of action in the Kerch Strait in December last year, Michael McCall convinces to pay special attention to strengthening the defense of Ukraine. «We need to develop an effective black sea strategy, in which the United States, NATO and other U.S. allies will be able to regularly deploy naval resources to better support Ukraine against Russia. We also need to increase the international military deliveries and assistance in ensuring the security of Ukraine. Last year’s supply of Javelin anti-tank missiles was a game changer in terms of the ability of this country to better defend itself against Russian proxies in Eastern Ukraine».

In this regard, McCall supported the efforts of Kurt Volker to support the Minsk negotiation process, but agreed with him that large-scale military assistance to Ukraine, however, is needed: «Our hardworking Special representative for negotiations in Ukraine, Ambassador Kurt Volker recently said, «We also need to look at such things as air defense and coastal defense. All that is reasonable and necessary for Ukraine, is to have a modern army able to protect themselves and to prevent further aggression against its territory.»

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— Rolf Draht (@tweetedtimes) April 20, 2019