Pompeo will discuss with Putin in Sochi, arms control, Venezuela and Ukraine. Will discuss China?

The U.S. state Department announced is scheduled for may 14 meeting Secretary Mike Pompeo with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Previously it was known that earlier in Helsinki Pompeo agreed with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the meeting with him in Sochi. It has now become clear that the contacts of the diplomats will be joined by Putin.

«On 13 may, the Secretary of state Pompeo will arrive in Russia to meet with his team at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, and then will meet with leaders of the U.S. business community. Pompeo will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier,» says the statement from the press Secretary of the state Department of Morgan Ortagus. After that, the Secretary of state will go to Sochi «to discuss the whole range of bilateral and multilateral challenges.»

[email protected] travels to Moscow and Sochi, #Russia, May 12-14. On May 13, he meets with @USEmbRu team, U. S. business leaders, and U.S. exchange alumni. He will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On May 14, he meets with Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin. pic.twitter.com/WSDImu89Ga

— Morgan Ortagus (@statedeptspox) May 10, 2019

The dialogue between the White house and the Kremlin has become much more intense in recent weeks. Recently Donald trump for more than an hour talking with Vladimir Putin on the phone, calling the conversation is very constructive. The agenda of the meeting Pompeo and Putin and the state Department is not revealed, but Hill, citing sources, says that it will be about a new situation in arms control, Ukraine, Venezuela, and North Korea. «The Secretary will be very Frank conversation about the problems in our bilateral relations, including Russia’s violation of longstanding agreements on arms control, such as [the Treaty on nuclear forces medium-range missiles] and supported by the Kremlin attempts to interfere in U.S. elections».

Pompeo will discuss with Putin in Sochi, arms control, Venezuela and Ukraine. Will discuss China?flickr.com/Ulkoministeriö/CC

Sources Reuters do not expect in Sochi a simple conversation. «Russia has taken a series of aggressive and destabilizing actions on the world stage, and this trip gives you the opportunity to convey these points to the Russian government and see if we can pave the way forward, — leads edition of the words of an unnamed senior state Department official who is not willing to talk about the possible concrete results of the meeting, We approach this in a very realistic, knowing that this is an opportunity to raise the conversation to a higher level and to spend this Frank and direct conversation on the full range of issues».

Pompeo will discuss with Putin in Sochi, arms control, Venezuela and Ukraine. Will discuss China?Vladislav Inozemtsev
Russian politician, economist

Against the backdrop of strained relations between the U.S. and China, and, in fact, starting a trade war, among the experts again began discussing the possibility of a strategic Alliance of the USA and Russia, which was said Zygmunt Brzezinski. Russian politician, economist Vladislav Inozemtsev told USA.one that «about the meeting of Russian telegrams channels tell since call trump Putin. But what’s behind it, it is difficult to say.» According to the politician, the confrontation between the US and China looks extremely timely and useful for Russia, as it might lead to a geopolitical choice. «Today the Russian Federation if you do not have the international political weight, it has influence on global processes, disproportionate to its economic, technological and human potential. «The exchange» of this influence in a strong position in the new geopolitical system would be best able to achieve the country before the next bearish wave, commodity markets will plunge her into a deep economic crisis.» However, for this decision, as noted by Vladislav Inozemtsev, «Russia needs to be prepared on a consistent overcoming of the conflict around Ukraine, which not only opposes Russia to the West, but first and foremost has a negative impact on many Ukrainians and Russians caught in the conflict zone». You also need the «cessation of militaristic hysteria and its attendant unaffordable spending, seriously undermining the Russian economy».