The conservatives, secure in the support of trump, opposed in Congress the draft Law on Equality

The founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver wrote that now under discussion in Congress, the Equality Act (Equality Act), is «the most extreme threat to religious freedom, freedom of expression, privacy and women’s rights that have ever been proposed in Congress.»

The equality act discussed in Congress in March, would prohibit discrimination not only in employment but also in housing, credit, public facilities, education, Federal financial aid and Federal jury service. Fiercely against him were made by the conservatives.

The conservatives, secure in the support of trump, opposed in Congress the draft Law on Equality

In the letter, referred to by Advocate, Matt Staver called it «disgusting» and «horrible» bill that imposes a «radical and unforgiving plans of LGBT people in your family, Church, school and business.»

President Donald trump while not publicly spoken on this bill, but opponents of the Equality Act is clearly confident in his support. To this belief they are pushing the measures already taken by trump against LGBTQ, including the recent ban on service in the army, an order allowing healthcare workers who have a religious affiliation, to refuse to work with LGBTQ patients and the abolition of the protections for students-transgender.

«We are disgusted, but certainly not surprised that Donald trump is against the equality Act, which is supported by seven out of ten Americans and more than two hundred large enterprises,» said Washington Blade the President of the human rights Campaign Chad Griffin. «Opposing the civil rights act, based on common sense, Donald trump ensures that LGBTQ people continue to risk being fired or denied housing in most States. The LGBTQ community and all Americans in this respect deserve a President with the courage and decency to sign the bill, and we will continue urgent work on the adoption of the equality Act and replace Donald trump with the President, advocating for equality, who will sign it into law».