Pompeo and Putin discussed Russia’s intervention in the 2016 Elections, arms control and Iran

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo today in Sochi, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. At the meeting the parties discussed the results of the investigation representative Robert Mueller about intervention of Russia in Election 2016 in the U.S., the situation around Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Ukraine, as well as the status of arms control.

«In General, he conducted an objective investigation and confirmed the absence of any trace of any collusion between Russia and the current administration that we called nonsense from the very beginning», — quotes the words of Putin on the investigation into Muller’s CNN. Pompeo has transferred to trump’s words about the inadmissibility of the interference of Russia or any other country in the American elections. Any new attempts by the Kremlin «will put our relationship in an even worse position than now.»

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— NBC News (@NBCNews) May 14, 2019

Mike Pompeo informed the Russians that the U.S. will continue to exert pressure on Iran until it «rise to the ranks of responsible countries that do not threaten its neighbours or spread instability and terror». Sergey Lavrov said that he hoped for the triumph of common sense and peaceful outcome in the neighboring Russian region.

In addition, the meetings Pompeo talked about the need to free the citizens of the United States Paul Whelan and Michael Calvey and Ukrainian seamen, captured by the Russians in the Kerch Strait.

Sergei Lavrov following the meeting said that «the conversation was Frank, rich, meaningful. … I hope it will make progress, albeit small, but real steps in the resolution of practical issues that demand it on the agenda of bilateral relations, regional and international issues».

Pompeo and Putin discussed Russia’s intervention in the 2016 Elections, arms control and Irankremlin.ru

The Russian presidential aide, Yury Ushakov told RIA Novosti that Vladimir Putin assured that «Russia is ready to resume dialogue on all issues of strategic stability, to discuss the subject of missile defense and strategic offensive arms»

Around streamlined phrases about the very «substantive and constructive», the media had the impression that part of the arms control negotiations of the possibility of real progress. At that time, as Venezuela and Syria, the parties in fact recognized the lack of understanding. Deputy Sergey, Sergey Ryabkov told RBC that the positions of Moscow and Washington about the situation in Venezuela remains the opposite: the US is not abandoning the idea of regime change in the country, he said. Contrary to some expectations, in fact, was not affected by the theme of of China and of the U.S. economic sanctions against Russia.

The meetings also were reiterated the opportunity of a personal meeting trump and Putin at the summit Big Twenty in Japan.