De Blasio announced his participation in presidential elections

What I’m talking about the last six months it happened. The mayor of new York bill De Blasio has officially confirmed that he will run for U.S. President.

In recent months the mayor has paved the way and already went in the right States to explore. Compared to other candidates from the Democrats, his chances look more than modest, as confirmed by the polls. Popularity in new York, the hometown of De Blasio, critical low — according to recent data, 76% of residents believe that it should not run.

Critics of the new party in the presidential race do not tire of repeating that the post he had not managed to solve the problem of the homeless, public housing, urban transport and traffic. In addition, De Blasio has often criticized the fact that their image care about him more than the needs of new Yorkers. However, do not forget: today, the mayor of the Big Apple never loses in the elections.

At the weekend, De Blasio will head to Iowa and South Carolina where they will begin their campaign.

«Donald trump needs to be stopped. says 23rd the candidate of the Democrats in the video — I’ve done it before and will do it again.»

«I’ll take on the rich and large corporations. he adds — I will not rest until the government begin to serve working Americans. As mayor of the biggest city in America, I was doing».

Amongst his other victories De Blasio mentions the expansion of health care in new York, free preschool and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. According to ABC News, the leitmotif of his campaign is «working people come first» (Working People First).

«In this world a lot of money. In this country a lot of money. Just not in those hands».
Bill De Blasio

The mayor has no plans to leave current post on the presidential race. In the absence of De Blasio in new York, temporary Executive responsibilities will Dean Fuleihan, his first Deputy.