Twice the prosecution of new York passed a bill for the weakening of the power of trump

The new York legislature passed a bill to «double accountability», allowing the state authorities to judge those who have received a pardon from the President.

The measure, which would allow prosecutors to bring charges against certain individuals, even if they received a presidential pardon, voted 90 legislators, against — 52.

This step is considered to be a weakening of the power of trump. Democratic leaders called it a way to confront the President, removing the shield that protected the accused from prosecution for the same crimes and could benefit those who received a pardon.

The document was followed by the Governor-Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who likely will sign it.

The law of the state of new York currently does not allow the state to re-prosecute a man who had already been convicted of this crime the Federal government. The new bill would allow the attorney to proceed with the investigation in respect of any pardoned, who served in the Bush administration who worked to promote his campaign, as well as in non-profit or a commercial company controlled by the President. In addition, the possible innovation will allow to begin or to continue the investigation against any who were pardoned in the interests of the President.

«Every day of our inaction gives the President an opportunity to undermine the rule of law, giving new York the opportunity to act,» said NPR a former Federal Prosecutor and the bill’s sponsor , Todd Kaminsky.

Andy Goodell, a Republican and a member of the legislative Assembly, had questioned the constitutionality of such a decision. He said that the bill is tantamount to «hitting the nail on the head».

«Today we are asked to repeal a nearly 100-year history of the state of new York, when we, as a state, has recognized the fundamental injustice of double prosecution,» said Goodell.

So far the President has not pardoned any of their associates, fallen under the investigation of the interference of Russia. However, the other person received a pardon from trump, including Joe Arpayo, a supporter of trump and a former Sheriff from Arizona; Dinesh d’souza, a conservative commentator; and Lewis «Scooter» Libby, former chief of staff of Vice President dick Cheney.