Elections-2020 | De Blasio did not receive a single vote during polling in Iowa

According to the latest data collected in Iowa ahead of the presidential race in 2020, the mayor of new York bill De Blasio — one of the two candidates from the Democrats, not having in the state of absolutely no support.

The survey Des Moines Register, Mediacom and CNN, 600 planning to participate in the democratic Caucus of the people indicated the two candidates from the party they would support during the race in first and second place. First choice 24% of the respondents was Joe Biden, 16% — Bernie Sanders, 15% Elizabeth Warren 14% — Pete Buttidzhich, and 7% Kamala Harris.

The only candidates the voters did not indicate as their «first choice» never was De Blasio and the mayor of Miramar (FL), Wayne Messam. Moreover, no one mentioned them as a «second choice».

What they say about the leaders of the poll?

29% of those planning to vote for Biden, saying that «lay great hopes on him». However, the voters that support other candidates, Express this view significantly more often — 39% of cases.

Among those who «reserved to apply» to the former Vice-President despite the fact that he named him as their first choice, a 63-year-old Peter Orazem of the EMIS. The man admits, despite the willingness to give Biden a voice he did not much trust the former Deputy.

«I may not agree with everything he believes Bernie Sanders, explains Orgasam — but I at least know that he really believes it.» However, in the hands of Biden playing his experience in the Obama administration and the fact that many voters he is simply «familiar».

Their second choice, respondents most often named Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both received 14%. Thus, more often Harris was supported by the voters whose first choice was Biden, Warren or Buttidzhich — and only 5% of supporters gave Sanders the Senator from California «second» voice.

Larry Slavens says he plans to vote for Warren — but the survey pointed out Harris as their second choice.

«She’s never going to back down. — says 62-year-old resident of Urbandale — She adhered to a very strict line of conduct during a hearing in the Senate. When the witnesses didn’t want to answer, she just wouldn’t take «no» for an answer, unlike many other senators».