«Penalties hurt us, not Putin»: the Gas workers came out to protest to the U.S. Embassy

Employees GAS held a protest against sanctions about the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Sanctions against the plant, owned by Russian millionaire Oleg Deripaska, may come into force on 6 July.

Dozens of employees of Gas came at us Embassy with placards in Russian and English languages, which were such slogans: «do Not step on the GAS», «Under sanctions, a GAS that we and our families», «400 thousand victims of the United Sanctions of America», «Sanctions are hurting us, not Putin. Against whom are you fighting?» and so on.

«Penalties hurt us, not Putin»: the Gas workers came out to protest to the U.S. EmbassyPhoto: BBC

In case, if sanctions are not lifted, American companies will have to cease all relations with the Russian company. Working Gas argue that in this case, the plant will stop the conveyor.

«If the sanctions will enter into force, this means that the components of world manufacturers will cease to come to us. Today, the cars are going to the GAS of high quality units and components of world manufacturers», — told RBC Chairman of the works Council of GAZ group Evgeny Morozov.

According to representatives of the Gas, if there is no supply, the conveyor belt snaps, and the company collects including ambulance, children’s buses.

After the rally, the protesters handed over to the Embassy a letter in English addressed to the U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman.

The press service of U.S. Embassy bi-Bi-si said that the purpose of sanctions is to force Russian authorities to change their behavior in Ukraineand restrictive measures will remain in force until Russia won’t do it.