Ocasio-Cortez believes that the $174 thousand – insufficient salary for members of Congress

A member of the house of representatives, the youngest Congresswoman USA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from new York has supported raising yourself and other 434 representatives congressional salaries at $4,500 a year. Now salary is $174 thousand.

Democratic leaders opposed this, fearing a negative reaction from voters.

Ocasio-Cortez explained his position on Twitter yesterday, June 11.

«This is not a politically popular position. But the sequence is important. ALL employees should get a raise in annual salary. That’s why the minimum wage should be tied to inflation.»

In accordance with the provisions of the 1989 act, the House of representatives need to vote for wage increases. Fear of the political consequences of repeatedly forced the leaders of both Democrats and Republicans shy away from this.

According to Ocasio-Cortez, increasing the salary of legislators will reduce their «proclivities to the dark side to earn extra money.»

It is worth noting that, unlike most legislators, Ocasio-Cortez in his time working in a restaurant with the minimum wage, and after the election in Congress could not afford to move to the capital until receipt of first paycheck.

Last week, the Congresswoman worked shift waitress in a restaurant in Queens, to draw attention to the plight of workers with minimum wage who rely on tips.

«In the democratic socialist business (for example, cooperatives of workers) can vote for higher wages for employees. Many people are doing it!», — said Ocasio-Cortez.