90% of the funds for the restoration of Notre Dame donated by the Americans

Immediately after the fire, the media excitedly reported major amounts that is ready to allocate billionaires on the restoration of the gems of French architecture. The richest and most influential families of France, a major company excitedly announced the amounts they can count on Notre Dame de Paris.

French magnates promised to repair the Cathedral

The owner of Gucci and Saint Laurent, françois Pinault promised $ 112 million; Patrick Buanne, CEO of French energy company Total, have supported this bid. Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury fashion giant LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Dior), raised the number to 224 million dollars; he was joined by the Foundation Bettencourt-Shueller, L’oréal.

Media fairly quickly rained down on billionaires a barrage of criticism, knowing that wealthy donors are motivated not unselfish impulse and vanity and the desire to perpetuate the name or to advertise your brand.

90% of the funds for the restoration of Notre Dame donated by the Americansshutterstock. Work at the scene of the fire continued for several weeks and pay them it was possible only thanks to donations from ordinary grajdanke pays for what in the burning of Notre Dame?

According to Fino, Notre Dame really do not see money the French giants. Big players are waiting for and will fight for contracts only when you get all renovation plans, he said in an interview with the Associated Press.

But work on the fire place continued night and day for several weeks. Workers and emergency response services, to save in this hell what is left from the majestic Cathedral was able to pay only through the donations of ordinary people.

Collects money organization Friends of Notre Dame de Paris. This charity was founded in 2017. Its President, Michelle Pico, says that 90% of the donations received came from American donors.

The Fund has already collected for the restoration of the 4.1 million dollars. Except the Americans, contributed a small French donors and the French state.

«The Americans are throwing money at Notre Dame, the attraction is incredibly popular in the States. Of the 11 members of the Board of 6 are residents of the United States,» said Pico.

In addition to direct reconstruction of the historical attractions, there are many other problems. One of them is lead pollution of the soil and the surrounding buildings. 300 tons of lead literally melted on the roof of the Cathedral and scattered around. Pregnant women and children up to 7 years, who lives nearby, recommended that regular blood tests for lead.

90% of the funds for the restoration of Notre Dame donated by the Americansshutterstock. Reconstruction is not the only problem. Experts are also concerned about the lead pollution of the soil and nearby buildings after the fire

Two dedicated workers cleansed from toxic lead emissions from the courtyard of Notre Dame for weeks; the rest — more than 100 people were cleaning the building itself, both inside and outside. Will soon begin to restore the roof and the vault. All of this will last months and partially paid by charity funds.

Macron promised to finish in five years. Most architects believe that this is an ambitious, but unlikely. However, the historical Cathedral will continue to work. On June 16 in a small chapel, rescued from a fire, will hold its annual mass which will be broadcast on television. All 20 members will have to wear construction helmets. The main Cathedral will be closed until it will not remove all debris.

French billionaires will pay when it will be worth it

Family Pinot persistently promises to pay the promised amount through the funds of Notre Dame. The LVMH group and family Arno said that he would sign with the funds agreement and «pay for progress». Total also promised to pay their part through a Fund, but… later.

And yet real money from them. Fund managers say that donors want to understand what exactly will pay, and decide whether this is what you want to allocate the money, before you write the check. According to the source, who wished to remain anonymous, they believe that the important work which are on the territory of the Cathedral, not really related to the restoration of Notre Dame. Roughly speaking, cleaning the soil and territory from toxic poison that threatens the life of the Parisians, will not bring dividends in ten years. Rich donors want their money went to something tangible: for example, the restoration of art and the integrity of historic architectural sights.

Olivier de Chalet, one of the foremost experts on the architecture of the Cathedral is considered irrelevant by the fact that major donors have not yet paid a dime. When in 2020 the experts to determine how to restore the steeple and the main architectural elements — and then require large sums of money.