A record number of African immigrants arriving to the border of Mexico and USA

Having made a dangerous journey of thousands of miles, African immigrants in unprecedented quantities arrive at the border of USA and Mexico, surprising the border patrol agents, more accustomed to Hispanic immigrants.

Officials in Texas and even in Maine are trying to cope with the sharp rise in the number of African migrants. They fly across the Atlantic to South America and then go on a long journey by land and water.

Over the past week, agents of the border patrol sector Del Rio (Texas) stopped more than 500 African migrants. For example: in the 2018 along the 2,000-mile (3200-kilometer) border between the U.S. and Mexico were detained 211 migrants from Africa.

Immigrants in Texas, mainly from the Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Cameroon. Arriving at the southern border of the United States, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Mauritanians, Sudanese.

The dramatic increase of African immigrants has also been observed on the other end of the USA – in Portland (Maine).

Among migrants, it became known that the city has a population of 67,000 people is a «hospitable place», because in 1990-ies of the Somali refugees were resettled in Portland. For a few days a man arrived with 170 Africans asylum seekers. Officials of Portland tweeted that the rumors that some of the migrants carry the Ebola virus, «obviously false» and said that, as seekers, are arriving in the United States legally.

According to Human Rights Watch, from the end of 2016 1,800 people were killed and half a million have fled their homes in English speaking areas of Cameroon.

«We have no work in the English part, the education system is bad, they treat us like dogs», — told the Associated Press, the Cameroonian MBI derrick Ambi.

Immigration «explosion» from Africa to the United States coincides with the sharp decline of migration flows across the Mediterranean to Europe.

According to the International organization for migration (IOM), from 1 January to 12 June this year by sea to Europe came 24 600 migrants, compared to 99 600 migrants in the same period in 2017.

But the IOM representative Joel Millman said, he doubts that the migration path for Africans is completely moved from Europe to America.