Independence Day at the White house arrested two activists who set fire to the US flag

During the meetings held on Thursday, July 4, in front of the White house, police arrested two activists: one for the burning of the US flag. They were detained for several hours before the solemn voice of the trump in the National Mall.

Among those arrested was Gregory Johnson, a member of the «Revolutionary Communist party» (Revolutionary Communist Party), became famous in 1984, a year after similar protests.

Then Johnson, who spoke against the policies of President Reagan, was sentenced to a prison term and a fine of $ 2,000. Five years later, Johnson’s lawyers were able to prove that his actions protects First amendment — eliminating, thus, operating in the States, the ban on the public burning of the American flag.

Footage of White House burning flag ahead of Trump’s #SaluteToAmerica

A man who identified himself as a veteran grabbed the burned flag #FourthofJuly

— Steven Nelson (@stevennelson10) July 4, 2019

According to the Secret service, yesterday’s rally «went beyond» the legitimate rights of Americans to freedom of speech. One of the detainees was arrested for assaulting an officer and «malicious arson», the other for resisting arrest and obstructing police. Authorities did not specify who of the two was Johnson.

Video from the event can be seen as burning the flag. Soon enough, and puts out one person — a man in a t-shirt that says «let’s Make America great again». He then enters into a squabble with the members of RevCom, among which we can notice and Johnson.

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OUTRAGE: Gregory Joey Johnson, of Texas v. Johnson which established the right to burn the flag, was arrested today in front of the White House for burning the U. S. flag. @cnnbrk @nytimes @Nickatnews #July4th #FourthofJuly #TrumpParade

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«Today, Gregory Joe Johnson, thanks to which legalized the right of Americans to the burning of the US flag, arrested in front of the White house during the burning of the US flag» — commented on the organization of the incident in his Twitter.

Chanting «let’s Imagine a world without America» the members of RevCom was not the only one who participated in yesterday’s protests. The presidential residence gathered hundreds of protesters, unrelated to the organization. One of the anti-war groups launched into the air 20 feet «Baby trump» — a copy of the famous balloon that appeared in London during the official visit of the President.

“Burn, baby burn” protesters chant

— Max Cohen (@maxpcohen) July 4, 2019