The administration trump plans to make changes to citizenship test

The immigration service said that reviewing test questions for citizenship, which is compulsory for immigrants. Changes in the list of questions that test knowledge of American history and government, will be ready in the fall. The new rules will introduce before the end of the presidential term trump in 2020.

USCIS has not announced what exactly will change in the test. Last changes to it were made in 2008, removing further questions about the US flag, and adding paragraphs on the state system, management and the history of the United States.

The state Department plans to update the questions to «create a meaningful, standardized and effective test that will assess knowledge and understanding by the applicants of U.S. history, government and values.»

In may, the former Director of USCIS Francis Cissna signed a Memorandum, according to which the standard procedure will include the wording of questions every 10 years. Fulfilling now duties of the Director Cuccinelli told The Washington Post that the revision will be standard and will include the rearrangement of words or materials. USCIS added that this will be done after consultation with experts on adult education.

Human rights activists who are wary of immigration policy of the administration of trump and assume that the test can greatly complicate probably subjected to a new version of scrutiny and control.

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Cuccinelli believes that «paranoids are always looking for ulterior motives — and will be very disappointed when they see just another revision of the test for citizenship».