Per day ICE conducted a few raids on US companies: arrested nearly 700 people

Last Wednesday, ICE conducted raids on seven different enterprises of the food industry in Mississippi.

During the raids was arrested about 680 people. This is the largest ICE operation in jobs for 10 years.

In Morton, in the Parking lot of a plant for processing chickens, gathered dozens of people, some of whom spent the night there.

Per day ICE conducted a few raids on US companies: arrested nearly 700 peoplePhoto: ICE

«You’re hurting me. I just want the families back home, said Desiree Hughes, whose two friends were arrested during the RAID. – How will they take care of their children? How do children go to school? How will they pay their bills? They will lose everything.»

According to employees of factory, ICE agents made a RAID on the enterprise just at the moment when she left the night shift and arrived morning, about 7:30 or 8:00.

Latinos, as told by witnesses, gathered in one room. Agents began to question them, separating those who have the legal right to live in the U.S. and those who entered here illegally.

Per day ICE conducted a few raids on US companies: arrested nearly 700 peoplePhoto: ICE

Desiree Hughes said that she is in the USA legally, but she was not given the opportunity to talk with friends, which soon took on the bus.

«They have a little daughter who didn’t really understand what is happening,» the woman added.

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The relatives of the detainees stood for hours, waiting to return to them close.

According to Desiree, came back several busloads of people, but a lot more people did not return. By Thursday morning in the Parking lot were only a handful of people.

Despite most children of undocumented immigrants arrested in Mississippi on Wednesday in #ICEraids being reunited with their parents the question now comes how will they make ends meet with no income as they wait through immigration courts. We speak to a church getting them help.

— Alex Love (@AlexLoveWJTV) August 9, 2019

Yesterday, August 8, the official representative of the ICE Brian Cox confirmed that 300 people detained by ICE were released. The remaining 380 are in custody.

For family members of those arrested during this operation have a-hour hotline. She works in English and Spanish, phone: 1-855-479-0502.