The mayor of new York bill De Blasio refused to participate in the presidential race of 2020

The mayor of new York bill De Blasio completed his campaign for the presidency and will no longer qualify for the presidency from the Democrats in 2020.

De Blasio announced his decision in an interview with MSNBC on Friday, September 20. According to the mayor, he did everything he could, «in these primary elections» after he announced that he is running for President in may of this year. De Blasio said on MSNBC that «now is not his time.»

His main message — the fight against income inequality — a topic that he touched upon in a video announcing his candidacy for President.

«In this world a lot of money. In this country a lot of money. It’s all just in the hands of others,» said De Blasio.

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On the first day of his campaign, he began to share criticisms with President Donald trump.

«He’s a fraud. I know his tricks. I know his play,» said the mayor. Trump wrote in response on Twitter that de Blasio «the worst mayor in the United States.»

The main reason of refusal from participation in the race was the banning De Blasio on the televised debate of democratic candidates.